Re: Extender needs frequent rebooting


Extender needs frequent rebooting

I have had the extender setup and working for the better part of a year. I haven't ever needed to touch it. Flawless performance. Very happy.

About 6 weeks ago the internet stopped working for devices connected to it. Once I reboot the extender, everything goes back to working fine. A couple weeks later, same thing. Then a few days. Then a couple days... It's getting more frequent, to the point that when I plan to use the connection, I just reboot the device to preemptively avoid the frustration.

Today I decided to sit down with it and look at whatever log files it might have. After all, *something* must get written down about it not working. But I can't find anything at all that might point me to the problem.

The initial question is: Are there any logs it keeps about what is going on with the device? Can any be turned on?

Secondarily, any clue about why it might suddenly stop working like this and need rebooting so frequently?

I checked for a firmware update on-line, but it says I'm up to date.


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Re: Extender needs frequent rebooting

Any news or a solution for this?

I have the same problem with my WN2500RP: The Internet LED on the repeater always turns red after a while. Rebooting helps, but only for some time. Sometimes it's losing the connection even within a few minutes after reboot.

The devices that are connected to the repeater are still "wireless connected" but can't access the internet anymore.

I use the WN2500RP in connection with a Netgear WNDR4000 router.
On the router everything is OK including the Internet and LAN/Wireless connections. The problem occurs since a few weeks although nothing changed in the network configuration.
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Re: Extender needs frequent rebooting

I gave up waiting for a reply of any sort and connected to the repeater with an ethernet cable. There was no indication of any problem. Great connection to main router. Fast internet. Everything was working great, except nothing could connect.

Eventually I just did a factory reset and re-installed all the settings. It's up and running now, but I don't know for how long. Let's see if it makes a full week before deciding if it worked.
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Re: Extender needs frequent rebooting

Funny thing "Let's wait a full week...". that is how long it lasted. One week.

Back to needing to restart it every 12 hours or so.

Today was interesting. This laptop I am on was able to "sort of" talk to the internet. Really, painfully slow. Some pages not loading at all. Through the extender of course. As soon as I switched to the primary router, everything worked just fine.

I'm ready to throw this extender out the window. I think I need to call tech support today and see if this is still under warranty.
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Re: Extender needs frequent rebooting

Have the same problems!!
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Re: Extender needs frequent rebooting

I still haven't called yet. I have a computer used as a media machine that only sees occasional use and was the first to start having issues with this router. I recently unplugged it to see it perhaps it was contributing to the issue. I still have problems and need to reboot the router once or twice/week, but it's better than every 12 hours.

Still need to contact tech support... Just need to find the time.
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Re: Extender needs frequent rebooting

Some consolation to read that other people are having this problem. Will Netgear post any replies?
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Re: Extender needs frequent rebooting

Hey Brokk, I have same problem. :confused:
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