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Gaming lag spikes


Gaming lag spikes


This is an issue that I have been experiencing with the netgear extender EX6120 as it causes lag spikes during my gaming and also frequent disconnections . As I remember a few months back the extender never caused these problems even if it was placed far from the router with a wall blocking it, the extender worked fine which resulted in a better gameplay. I am aware of the knowledge of new firmware updates that are needed to boost the performance of the wifi extender, but the main problem that I am facing is the text "you are not connected to your Wifi's extender network"  when I visit that site, despite the fact that I am connected to my wifi's extender network.


  If anyone could kindly provide a solution to this problem it would be great, thank you for reading this.

Model: EX6120|AC1200 Dual Band WiFi Range Extender
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