How to change the Wifi channel?


How to change the Wifi channel?

Since I'm getting a whole lot of interference in my Wifi, I want to set the extender to work on a different channel then my router:cool:
Does anyone know how to do that???

In other words:
Router channel: 2
Extender channel: 10


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Re: How to change the Wifi channel?

It cannot be done, unless the extender can be operated as an access point, and cabled back to the main router. Most extenders are repeaters - they repeat the transmission from the main router so they have to be set to receive on the same channel as the main router. Having said that, the 2500RP is a dual band repeater and supports what Netgear calls "FastLane" technology which allows one band to be used to connect to the router so you can consider that approach. For what it's worth - there are only three channels on the 2.4 GHz band that do not interfere with each other - 1, 6 & 11 - by using 2 & 10 you pretty much guarantee that there will be interference issues.

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