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Possible to use two WN2000RP not daisy chained


Possible to use two WN2000RP not daisy chained

I have a large 1 story home where my modem/wireless router is in my garage on one side of the house. I am currently using a wn2000rp to reach a room on the opposite side of the house and it works perfect.

I also have a guest house in the backyard where the wifi does not reach. I have tested my wn2000rp out there too and it works perfect as well.

My question is can i buy another wn2000rp so i can have one in each location running at the same time and not loose any performance? Again, they will NOT be daisy chained off eachother...they will each connect to the main router on there own and are on opposite sides of the property.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Possible to use two WN2000RP not daisy chained

Ok, so I went ahead and bought another wn2000rpt today...and a few minutes ago I set it up. IT WORKS!!! 😄

I am running my wn2000 router on one end of the house...one of the wn2000rpt on the opposite end of the house...and another wn2000rpt in my guest house on the other end of the property.

I have a desk top, lap top, wii, vonage, and a 10" android tablet running on one wn2000rpt and a PS3 and another desk top in the guest house on the other wn2000rpt. I named one of them xxxxEXT1 and the other one xxxxEXT2.

So two wn2000rpt off the same router is good to go. My whole property which is just over an acre is blanketed in wifi and for not too much $$$ either :cool:

I am VERY happy!!!
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