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Will EX3700 Work at a marina?


Will EX3700 Work at a marina?

I have moved my boat to a marina where WiFi quality is poor.  Ideally, I think I'm looking for a WiFi extender that accepts an external antenna that can be mounted on the outside of the boat, since the signal is particularly bad down below, but I am having trouble finding a reasonably priced solution.


Would the EX3700, plugged in on the boats interior, be expected to provide better reception thanks to its antennas?  If not, is there anther recommended solution that will pick up a WiFi signal from about 100m distance and be accessible by multiple devices on the boat?


Thanks much

Model: EX3700|AC750 WiFi Range Extender Essentials Edition
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Re: Will EX3700 Work at a marina?

100m is the issue. wireless broadcast power is set by the fcc/other governing bodies. they're probably already at the max. You need something in between the boat and the broadcast point.
You'd be better to check with the marina and see about pitching in on adding another access point closer to your boat. Or if they have a power plug somewhere in the middle you could add an extender. Plus some business wifi setups need different setups when adding extenders.
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