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Can't logon to Orbi - "Logon timed out, please try again" - FIXED!

It is ridiculous that Netgear's Orbi app STILL has this problem after more than 2 YEARS!



I uninstalled & reinstalled the app because I'm trying to figure out why the app on one of my phones, under Device Manager, shows devices attached - with green status dot indicating that the device is online and connected to the router - that I haven't had attached in over 4.5 years!!!


So after uninstalling and reinstalling and going through the setup with logging in to my existing account, ok'ing using my fingerprint to log in and then getting to the login screen using admin as user & my password, I get this "Logon timed out, please try again..." error.  


Imagine my surprise in seeing that, after I google for a resolution, this exact same problem still exists 2 years and 2 months after the post I linked above!


Even the workaround mentioned in the post still works, but now, I can only get the app to connect via Anywhere Access.  Trying to switch from Anywhere Access to Local Connection results in the error.


This is pretty pathetic, Netgear.  Is your QA\QC team comprised of 1 person and a chimpanzee? Are you outsourcing your software development and QA\QC to offshore developers?  Or is it that Netgear just doesn't give a sh*t about the app or errors in it?


If you guys need help finding experienced coders & testers, I am more than willing to point you to where you can find quality people to hire and then you can fire the J.V. team you currently have.


Get off your butts, Netgear!


Who Me Too'd this topic