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CAX80 problems

When you buy one of these at this price point, there's a certain expectation that it will just work. set it up once and pretty much forget about it.

That has NOT been the case for me as pretty much on a daily basis, one or all of my Wi-Fi devices will report "Connected, no internet". i log into the router admin, it says ISP cable connection is good, all LED's solid, so what's up? Sometimes it's almost like clockwork, 24 hours after a modem power cycle, things stop working again.

most of the time it is just my Android phone(PixelXL), it'll be the only device not working. i have reset network settings in the phone, rebooted phone Cycle Wi-fi, switch between 2.4 and 5GHz.... nothing. only thing that fixes it is rebooting the modem, which makes no sense when every other device connected at the time is working fine.

i "feel" like there's some DNS lease issue because most times those fields are all zeros, and it should be populated. Clicking renew or release lease does nothing.

i am on Cox in San DIego, and this device is on their compatibility list, but i think should be removed.

going to try a factory reset on the router, already updated router FW ... past my 30 days for return so stuck with this paperweight.


i might go back to the C7800, but switched to this new fancy CAX80 because the other was a monster! so big!


thanks for any help or advice, i'm at my whit's end with this CAX80.



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Re: CAX80 problems

I am having the exact same problem after 1 week of ownership.  I'm seeing the issue on wired and wireless devices.  It started as a daily problem and is now 2-3 times per day problem.   It dropped in the middle of conference calls for work on Friday.  Tech support keeps asking the same questions over and over with no suggestions.  I'll be grateful for any suggestions.


I had no problems with connectivity on the ARRIS that I rented from my ISP.  I did have latency issues when we had a zoom meeting going.  (My school uses zoom.  I'd never choose that platform.)

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Re: CAX80 problems

Please post about this over in the cable modem forum:



Thank you. 

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