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CM 700 Chipset

Just saw there is now a CM-700 modem 32X8 and wondered if it has the same chipset as the Arris SB6190 or is it Broadcom.

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Re: CM 700 Chipset

I had the same question myself. The firmware is not yet posted on the Netgear GPL page for download. If it was, we could extract the firmware and see what packages it uses, and therefore the chipset.

According to the Cable Labs filing, the CM700 does not support extended upstream frequency range (5-42MHz  VS  5-85MHz) such as the CM600 does.

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Re: CM 700 Chipset

yes, same chipset. I guess I know where the question is coming :).


It is Intel based chipset. 32x8 Cable modem chips are made by one supplier only at this point. other guy gave up on it 2 years back and focussed on future.  

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Re: CM 700 Chipset

So, unlike the CM700 and similar Puma 6 based modems, the chipset inside CM600 is truly "mid split-ready" should ISPs ever widen the upstream pipe and tap the 8 bonded channels capability of these Broadcom based modems? If not I wonder what the point is of touting 8 upstream channels, especially for Docsis 3.0 modems. It would certainly help having those higher frequencies unleashed as the upstream is highly susceptible to noise from countless sources.

Model: CM600|CM600 High Speed Cable Modem
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