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My netgear AC1600 losing wifi connection


My netgear AC1600 losing wifi connection

My router keeps completely dropping a wireless connection. Then starts back up. I've had this router for almost a year and no problems until Sunday 8/18 and hasn't stopped doing it 8/20. I've called Xfinity and they said they have internet going to the router. He said it was offline then I scheduled a tech visit and now it's back online then goes back offline. I've tried everything unplugging refreshing . My firmware is v1.01.30. I'm not sure what else to try as its pass the 90 days of "complimentary support" and have to pay to get help on the phone. All lights are solid only green blinking upstream light. Any help or do I have to switch routers?
Model: C6250|AC1600 WiFi Cable Modem Router
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Re: My netgear AC1600 losing wifi connection

So what we need to determine is if its a problem with the modem side of it or the router side. 

When the internet drops, are your wireless devices still connected and just not able to use the internet? Or does it totally drop off the wifi?

Do you're hardwired devices lose connection?

do you have a screen shot of your connections page and your logs page? These can help to.

The isp can say its online, but they're only taking a quick snap shot of when they check it. Not necessary when its off line. 

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Re: My netgear AC1600 losing wifi connection

Your subject says "My netgear AC1600 ..."


AC1600 is not a reliable guide to model number. Many devices come with an AC tag, but it is essentially a label that Netgear, and other brands, attach to hardware to describe wifi speeds.


Your footer says C6250. That is a cable modem/router. If that is what you own, then I doubt if you will find many relevant messages in the section given over the the "Genie".


If you need more help, you might get better and quicker replies, and find other answers, over in the appropriate section:


Cable Modems & Routers

If that is what you own, then don'r waste time worrying about this bit:


@K-la wrote:
My firmware is v1.01.30.


What’s the latest firmware version of my NETGEAR cable modem or modem router? | Answer | NETGEAR Sup...


If your firmware is outdated, you cannot manually upgrade your cable modem’s or modem router’s firmware. You must contact your Internet service provider (ISP) to upgrade your firmware.



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