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Packet loss cm1200


Packet loss cm1200

So I've been getting really bad packet loss, after using ping plotter from my PC to trace the issue, I believe I've narrowed it down to the CM1200 modem. 


This is what my setup looks like.. modem > google mesh wifi puck > everything else 


Let me explain a little further. The house we live in has hard wired ethernet running throughout the house, So my PC is upstairs plugged into the wall. I've traced my room to the patch panel downstairs, and from the patch paenel to the outlet closest to the modem. So the google puck is plugged into the modem, and then I have an ethernet switch plugged into the google router with my PC and an xbox downstairs plugged into the switch. 


Anyways, here's my ping plotter results 




At first I thought the 2nd hop (which seems to be where the issue is starting) may have been the first step to our ISP, but after unplugging the google router from the modem, and resetting the modem, I plugged my PC directly into the modem then ran ping plotter and the 2nd hop in these pictures confirmed to be the modem (was still getting packet loss when plugged directly into the modem). 


We just switched from another netgear modem that had the puma 6 chip, we figured that may be causing the packet loss, but this modem is having the same issues. 


Any help appreciated! 


Model: CM1200|Nighthawk Multi-Gig Speed Cable Modem
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Re: Packet loss cm1200

If you're concerned its the modem, you should be posting in the modem forum.


It's more focused on the modem.

make sure when you repost there to include a screen snip of your modem connections page with upload/download. Also include the logs.

What speeds do you pay for?

What speeds do you get?

I'd recommend removing any splitters, amplifiers, 90 degree elbows, kinked coax, bad connectors, old coax, or extended runs. also check for loose connections. 

Another thing to check is dslreports.com has some nice tools for modem testing you can try. 

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Re: Packet loss cm1200

Will create a post there! thanks. 


We pay for 300mbps and get between that and 100. It fluctuates often. The only 'splitter' we have is ethernet switch but I used it at my previous house with no issues. Also ran a test with my PC plugged directly into modem and still had issues. I'll try dsl reports tools for modems too! 

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