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Ready share unstable/ on and off (C3700 router)


Ready share unstable/ on and off (C3700 router)

Hi, I'm happy with my N600 - C3700 Netgear router, but the ReadyShare is not really working. Tried different USB memories but the behavior is the same:


#1. I can connect to the router-USB via WIFI with my laptop, it works, but quite unstable, it often tells me Windows can't connect to the device. Copying files it's a dare and try game failint 90% of times to complete the copy process as the connection drops constantly. This behavior is separated from the internet access and it's only a local area network on wifi. Already tried without any conections at all (only local). Readyshare is a neat feature but at the end of the day, plugging the USB memories to the laptop directly works better.


#2. Wifi Printers fail from time to time. I can print via wifi to wireless connected printers (configured to connect to the router wireless), but it's also too unstable. Plus the router gets a bit hot.


I have no interest on internet access at all on the router, my main use is the local network for printing and file sharing. Any help will be appreciated.







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