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AirCard 781S VPN problem - Which Forum should I use?


AirCard 781S VPN problem - Which Forum should I use?

I can't find a forum for the AirCard 781S. Can someone please direct me to the right forum? I'm posting here because it's semi-related and generic.

My problem is this: The device is working properly, and connects to the AT&T Wireless network flawlessly (I love this thing). However, when I try to connect a PPTP VPN (Dell XPS12 / Windows 8.1 Pro to Cisco) via the AirCard, it won't connect (typical 619 error). I think that either AT&T started blocking a new port or protocol, or the last firmware update broke it, because it used to work (stopped working within the last month or 2).
Also, if I connect the same DellXPS12 laptop to my HTC Phone with Internet Sharing (on T-Mobile network), the EXACT SAME VPN CONNECTION WORKS FLAWLESSLY. The VPN also works from other Wi-Fi Internet connections like coffee shops, hotel rooms, etc.
I've spent several hours going through the RAS*.LOG files in \windows\tracing, and found that connections that work go through "rasman" states 1-6, then 10,6,18,6,14,24,8192. Then the VPN is connected. With this device (on the AT&T network), the "rasman" states never progress beyond 6. I'm going to keep looking, but I'm sure there will be nothing that I can do on "my side." I already deleted the Wi-Fi profile per the AT&T esupport page recommendation. I also called AT&T tech support, and they said as long as it connects to the cell tower, their troubleshooting is exhausted.

I need HELP!! If this thing didn't work with my VPN, I would have returned it immediately! It did work, but stopped working. I'd like to try the prior version of the firmware, but I can't find any prior versions.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Here is all of the device info (from the "about" link). A few identifying values changed to **.

Account Details
Wireless number: 1***39122**
MAC Address:: 84-DB-2F-45-08-3B

IMEI: 0138040000468**

FSN: GJ**33055103**
ICCID: 8**141032766527730**

Wi-Fi Details

Wi-Fi name:: UNITE-083B

Wi-Fi password:: (default)
MAC Address:: 84-DB-2F-45-08-3B
IP Address:
Encryption: WPA2_Personal_AES
Wi-Fi Devices: 1
Max Wi-Fi Devices: 15
Max Guest Wi-Fi Devices : 0
Wi-Fi Range: Short
Broadcast Network Name: On


Firmware Version: NTG9X25C_01.00.49.03
Firmware Build Date: 03/14/14
Web App Version: AC781S_03.02.69.00
Bootloader Version: NTG9X25C_01.00.49.03


Model: AirCard 781S
AT&T Unite Pro Manager:: http://attunitepro
Firmware Version: NTG9X25C_01.00.49.03
Firmware Build Date: 03/14/14
PRI Version: 02.03
Power State: Online
Current temperature: 30°C
Current voltage: 3882mV
Battery charge level: 68%
Battery status: Normal
Battery temperature: 29

Network Status

Status: Connected
Signal Strength: 3
RSRP: -97
RSRQ: -8

IMEI: 0138040000468**

Wireless number: 1***39122**
Current radio band: LTE B17
Quality: 40
PS service type: LTE
Network selection mode: Auto
Country: USA
Roaming: false
Network: AT&T
MCC: 310
MNC: 410
LAC: 16656
RAC: 14
Cell ID: 53836047
Channel Number: 16
MNC format: 3
PLMN service error bit mask: 0
IP Address:

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Re: AirCard 781S VPN problem - Which Forum should I use?

Please try steps in the below link:

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Re: AirCard 781S VPN problem - Which Forum should I use?


I had similar problems with my AC 785. VPN Passthrough was enabled and I could establish the VPN tunnel (Cisco IPSec). However, no traffic was possible. I went into the settings and disabled VPN passthrough, restarted. As expected it was not working either. Then I went in once more and enabled it again. After a reboot, believe it or not, the tunnel started to work. It seemed that VPN passthrough was disabled even though VPN passthrough was on by default in the web interface. Disabling and enabling it fixed it for me. I suspect that the firmwares are different, but if you did not do yet you could give it a try!
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