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Re: M6 Pro connection to existing router


M6 Pro connection to existing router

Hi all, I’m trying to connect my m6 pro mobile router to a external WiFi router to get better WiFi range. I can’t get the external router which is a lynksys EA 7300 to get any internet connection when i connect the m6 pro to it through Ethernet. I have the Ethernet enabled on the m6 and have tried a few settings with no luck. The closest I have gotten was it let me download data but would not upload any and many web pages would not work. Any help is much appreciated, thanks
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Re: M6 Pro connection to existing router

Hi @Harvey1010 ,


I don't know much about Lynksys EA 7300, but can you try with another Router (if you have one) and check if that works?


I just tested with Netgear's RBR50, connected to my M6 and it works very fine.


Please let me know if you get same behavior when you connect another router to M6.


You can also reset the Lynksys router and try again.

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Re: M6 Pro connection to existing router

Hi @Harvey1010 ,


Follow these steps to setup your M6 Pro as modem to your Linksys router.


- Plug LAN cable from M6 Pro to WAN/Internet port of your Linksys router.

- Power up the M6 Pro without a battery.  Use the supplied power adapter and cable.

- Power up the Linksys router.


If the Linksys router's IP range is set to 192.168.1.x then I recommend you change the IP range on either the M6 Pro or Linksys router to something else to avoid any IP conflicts.  I also recommend putting the M6 Pro into IP Passthrough Mode if you are going to use the M6 Pro permanently plugged into your Linksys router.





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