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MR1100 Nighthawk M1 Supported in South Korea and Japan?


MR1100 Nighthawk M1 Supported in South Korea and Japan?

Hello everyone,


Let me start with the TL;DR of it. I'm looking to use a Nighthawk M1 along with Google Fi for remote work while I am traveling abroad in South Korea and Japan. I did a lot of searching and still could not figure out for certain on my own whether I could buy a Nighthawk MR1100 (and which version specifically) and be able to use it in South Korea and Japan. Any help would be appreciated.

(Note: While I did see people confirming the Google Fi data SIM compatibility with the Nighthawk M1, and separately Google Fi working in South Korea and Japan, I did not see anyone using the two together in those countries.)


I spotted an "MR1100-100NAS" Nighthawk M1 being sold on Amazon. The Customer Q&As mention that this model would not work in South Korea or Japan, and to be on the lookout for the MR1100 variants. However, these are all from only 2 customers, 1-2 years ago. (Netgear phone support did verify compatibility in North America/South America/Europe/UK/Guam.)


I looked on Netgear's support page, and it doesn't even explicitly list the 100NAS version.


So I continued searching, and stumbled across this official Netgear Knowlege Base article (Article ID: 29947, last updated: 08/21/2020), which seems to indicate I could use the Nighthawk M1 Mobile Router (MR1100) in Japan and South Korea. It does not at all distinguish the model variants (MR1100 / MR1100-1TLAUS / MR1100ATT / etc.). In the list of relevant products, it does mention the Nighthawk M1 Mobile Router. Down below, the table includes Japan and South Korea, 3 network providers each.


As for verifying the frequency band compatibility, I checked the official Nighthawk M1 product page against both a website from 2016 and a seemingly newer website listing South Korean LTE freqency bands.


Again, I'm struggling to find out whether I can use a Nighthawk M1 to work remotely in South Korea and Japan. Any help would be appreciated.


Edit: I tried attaching images to allow for better long-term thread usability in case websites go down in the future, but it might be getting my post blocked.

Model: MR1100|Nighthawk M1 Mobile Router
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