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MR5200 - "Mobile Broadband Disconnected"


MR5200 - "Mobile Broadband Disconnected"

Hey all,


I'm struggling to get my MR5200 to establish a data connection with my mobile network (EE UK).


Even though I've quadruple checked that the APN and Band settings are correct, it ALWAYS fails to connect to the internet despite being connected to the mobile network with good signal strength. The SIM is only a 4G sim as I do not currently have 5G on my plan; but my impression is that this mobile router should be capable of running on 4G only.


Anyone have any idea what's going on?


My settings:

Band Region: LTE and NR5G

APN name: EE Internet

APN: everywhere

Authentication: PAP

Username: eesecure

Password: secure


Roaming PDP: IPV4


Device info:

HW Version: 1.2

Firmware version: NTGX55_12.04.12.00

SKU: MR5200-100EUS


Attached screenshot of the diagnostics page.

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Re: MR5200 - "Mobile Broadband Disconnected"

Oh, and another issue - the router completely ignores manual network selection. It's obcessed with Vodafone UK for no apparent reason despite having an EE sim in it, with the EE network manually selected.


It also overwrites my APN authentication password with an unknown long string which probably doesn't help things. (fortunately, EE doesn't stringently require the APN to have authentication)

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