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Netgear LM1200 failover


Netgear LM1200 failover

So I was reading a few forum topics re: the LM1200 and it's failover functionality and I wasn't able to resolve the issue I am having.


I am on Netgear LM1200 firmware version EC25AFFDR07A09M4G, app version NTG9X07C_20.06.09.00.

The Netgear Orbi firmware is V6.0.3.85_3.1.15

The LM1200 is set to "bridge mode", and the Netgear Orbi router is set to automatic DHCP for the 10Gbps WAN port.

Automatic failover is enabled.

Connection keep alive is set to ping every minute.


Here's scenario one, when the cable modem is unplugged, and the LM1200 grabs the WAN from AT&T



Here is scenario two, with the cable modem plugged in:



And here's scenario three, where I just plug my laptop directly into the LAN port of the LM1200, with the cable modem connected and Internet up:



Any ideas?


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Re: Netgear LM1200 failover

Troubleshooting attempted:

  • Rebooted LM1200 with cable modem connected to WAN port on LM1200, Orbi router connected to LM1200 LAN port
  • Rebooted Orbi router (with same cables connected as above)
  • Rebooted Cable modem (with same cables connected as above)
  • Rebooted everything (with same cables connected as above)
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