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Netgear LM1200: very slow failover to wireless (drops Zoom connection)


Netgear LM1200: very slow failover to wireless (drops Zoom connection)

Maybe this is a feature, not a bug, but when my wired broadband fails (XFinity, in Florida), the LM1200 does failover to the AT&T wireless broadband (and for that, I'm quite happy!), but it does so **very** slowly, and my Zoom connection is lost.

I'm a freelance conference interpreter, so when Zoom dies, I cannot translate the conference! This is very bad for business. Is there any way I can make the Netgear LM1200 failover more quickly?

It claims its firmware is up-to-date as of "Last checked at: 11/24/23 8:20 AM"

I tried exporting the ".cfg" file, and saw:


Any hope with those settings?

Also, to make things worse, it is also just as slow when "failing back" to wired broadband. Last time, the wired broadband was spotty, and the LM1200 fell into a kind of "reboot loop", where it kept reconnecting to wired, then wired would fail again, so it would reconnect to wireless, but then wired would come back, so it would reconnect to that, and I kept being blown out of the Zoom meeting! *:-(


Any suggestions? Thanks!


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