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I've tried finding information but find the search on here doesn't seem to work for me... anyway does anyone know when they are fixing Circle for the Orbi systems. As foster carers, we paid for this to help us keep the vulnerable safer online but now all our abilities to do so are hindered. I've done a fw update still nothing and Netgear gives no timescale to fix this issue? 


any alternative ways of setting limits, bedtimes etc without paying more money?



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Re: Circle

You can find updates to the situation here: Circle Outage Updates 


The settings are still in place and being enforced, in our experience, it is just being able to update them that is currently disabled (since the subscription issue doesn't allow accessing settings that are only available with a sub). As an example our bedtime settings are still being enforced but we can't "reward" extra time.


We are working around that by creating a new profile with the same restrictions and temporarily moving their devices into that group that doesn't have a "bedtime" set - we them move the device back when they're done).

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Re: Circle

In my case, I purchased the Circle Premium features on June 1st, but there is no ability for me to access any of those features.  When I open the Premium features in my Circle app, I'm put into a "buy a subscription loop", as if I have not yet made the purchase.  It's highly frustrating at the moment.

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Re: Circle

There is a specific Circle forum to handle support, help and information. Please post about this in the Circle app forum:
Good Luck

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Re: Circle

@FURRYe38  thank you.  I have posted there.

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