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Re: Lock Code not working for circle log in


Lock Code not working for circle log in

Trying to set up circle on my iPhone. Launch the app it ask for the 4 digit pin. It won’t accept the pin I created. I ask circle to send me the pin. I input the pin from circle and I receive an invalid pin notice. The pin I receive fm circle is not the one I created. I have reset my pin on my iPad still doesn’t work. Asked for circle to send me the pin again, sends the same self generated number. Invalid is the response received. I have uninstalled the app reinstalled the circle app and still can’t access circle on my phone. The pre done help articles don’t cover this, and I can’t find support chat to get this resolved fast, not cool. Now I am stuck waiting for help, if any comes my way.

Thanks for the support

Brown Ohana

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Re: Lock Code not working for circle log in

Fixed it. Went into Nighthawk noticed it said it was off line. Don’t know why because I had internet. Rebooted router fm app. Relaunched circle app logged in.

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