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Orbi RBR750 compatible with Circle 1st generation?


Orbi RBR750 compatible with Circle 1st generation?

Can anyone tell me if the ORBI RBR750 mesh sytem is compatible with Circle 1st Generation? Circle says it's compatible with ORBI, but doesn't specify particular routers.  I'm trying to install it, but Circle can't fin my router.  Wondering if I'm missing a step or they just aren't compatible.  

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Re: Orbi RBR750 compatible with Circle 1st generation?

NG hasn't implemented Circle yes on Orbi AX. One moderator said it was on the list. No time frame when though. 

Also be sure to post about any Circle questions for information in the Circle forum:


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Re: Orbi RBR750 compatible with Circle 1st generation?

Model RBK753S.

Yup, me too.  The troubleshooting link about MyCircle under the RBK753S page led me to believe this unit had MyCircle.  I upgraded to the mesh system thinking it would be great to get better network access for my kids but it turns out MyCircle is not included on this model.  I now run the system in AP mode and route the internet through a SLOWER, older NG router that has MyCircle.  The older router provides the parental control.   Here is the set up Internet --> Older router --> Orbi. It was easier to put up with the speed complaints from the kids than my wife mad at me about spending $500 for a router that doesn't have MyCircle.  Seems like this is impacting a large percentage of customers.  I think this should be prioritized for customers.  Considering returning this product to Costco just for the lack of MyCircle.  Thanks.

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