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Re: D2200D Wireless Modem Blocking Outbound?


D2200D Wireless Modem Blocking Outbound?

My ISP is Frontier Internet and the at-home wireless router they provide us with for DSL dryloop is a Netgear D2200D. I've been trying to find a way to allow outbound access rules within their pre-baked "Maximum Security (High)" firewall settings because I've discovered that it's blocking outbound requests to "http://websdr1.sdrutah.org:8901/" (which is an online HAM radio app I like to use). I've found that this little router blocks other outbound requests, too. I don't want to really change anything as many of those it blocks are inconsequential, but I'd like to allow the WebSDR requests to go through.


Does a way exist to fix this that doesn't involve lessening my security protection?


Any insights would be grateful.

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Re: D2200D Wireless Modem Blocking Outbound?

Being a ISP configured and provided device I think you'll have to contact Frontier for assistance. It may be something they'll have to do at their end. 

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Re: D2200D Wireless Modem Blocking Outbound?

There isn't even a manual for the D2200D that I could find, which also does not look like it is a Netgear device adapted for Frontier.


I chip in to suggest that if, as I suspect, the ISP can't help, it might be possible to put the D2200D device into modem only (bridge) mode and then to add a more accommodating router.


I would suggest replacing the thing, but Netgear has all but abandoned the DSL modem market.I'm just hanging on to my pair of DM200s in the hope that they will last until my ISP introduces a 21st century network.


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