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DGN2200v4 - Router Only?


DGN2200v4 - Router Only?

Hi Everyone,
I currently moved from DSL to Cable which lead me to switching back to my old router the Linksys WRT54G. I haven't really messed with anything yet (although I searched on this topic) but I'm wondering if I can setup the DGN2200 specifically for wireless routing purposes? A lot of information I found on this subject said the DSL Modem/Router combo usually does not work well or at all when in this capacity.

Has anyone had success with using the DGN2200 as a Router only?

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Re: DGN2200v4 - Router Only?

Do you really mean router only? As a router it would ‘route’ between the Internet side and the LAN side, and in that case the Internet would be from its internal modem. Since you can’t bypass that modem as there is no WAN Ethernet port, then you can’t use it as a router with say a cable modem. You could set it up as an Access Point quite easily.
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Re: DGN2200v4 - Router Only?

If you have a Modem and wants the DGN2200v4 to serve as a router then you must connect the ethernet cable on LAN 4 or ethernet 4 port of the DGN2200v4 and go to WAN setup of the router's UI and make the WAN preference is set to Must use Ethernet WAN.

Check pages 14 and 37 of the manual.

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