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Hi ,

I have a netgear dgnd4000 router capable of 450MB/S on the 5ghz , a wd my book live connected to the router by a cat5 ethernet cable .

My computer has a wifi usb key LINKSYS AE6000 (wifi1 ) capable of 430 MB/S on the 5ghz

First when clicking on my network adapter it shows a conection of 150 mb/s , so why is it too low and does not show at least 350 or even the 430 mb/s . Only 5m separe the computer from the router .
Transfert speed is about 10mb/s when transfering data to my hard disk WD my book live.

Second I have replaced my wifi 1 usb key by a more performance one wich is a Linksys WUS6300 capable of 900 mb/s on 5ghz . The network adapter shows now 300 mb/s connection . So why it doesn't show higher bandwich ?
Also testing a transfert file to my WD my book live shows only 10 mb/s , same rate as my first wifi key . So how come i have same transfert rate on both wifi with both different bandwich ? and why in both they doesn't show higher bandwich connection , my router capable of 430 mb/s .

thank you in advance for your answer
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Re: Dgnd4000

As it goes for the router, make sure it's broadcasting at a Mode of 450 Mbit/s on 5 GHz and not anything lower. Log in to the router and go in to Wireless Settings to find that option. Also try changing the wireless channel around a bit to see if that improves your link speeds. Other than that, I would say there isn't alot of tweaking to do. Getting a 10 MB/s transfer speed wirelessly just doesn't happen, I'm sorry to say, probably not even for most people with AC routers.

I myself have a link speed of ~110 Mbit/s to my extender which broadcasts at 300 Mbit/s.
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Re: Dgnd4000

sirusalpha wrote:
My computer has a wifi usb key LINKSYS AE6000 (wifi1 ) capable of 430 MB/S on the 5ghz
In order to get 430Mbps you'll need a AC router.
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Re: Dgnd4000

Hi , thank you for your answer .

Ok I see so I doesn't have an AC router , that explain why i'm not getting higher bandwich .

My router is set to 430 mb/s for 5ghz and it is on chanel 44 , I have the choice to change to chanel 33 , 149 or 159 . Any preference?
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