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Poor Range/ Very Poor Speeds (Brand new)


Poor Range/ Very Poor Speeds (Brand new)

Hi guys,
Just got N600 on reviews that it had quite good range (and I liked the idea of dual band wireless).

Reason for the new router was to improve range as my bedroom is at the other end of the house and i was struggling to stream movies on my phone etc. and having to use data. Unfortunately the router has to be placed at one end of the house due to it having the only phone line near a power point (ridiculous).

Anyway on the 2.4 GHZ network I am getting very poor signals and very slow speeds ! I've just moved from my Belkin router which was about 7-8 years old and this is really struggling in comparison! Surely this router can't have that much worse range than my Belkin router (which had excellent range) ?

A lot of reviews say this router performed well even in two/three story houses and my house is really not that large. Even at about 5m from the router in the room next to where it's located the speed and signal is poor and then at the other end of the house i can barely get a signal compared to the old router (which was i repeat 7-8 years old)

Unfortunately half the devices in the house also can't receive the 5GHZ signal so we're struggling to get reasonable internet :/. I think i have ruled out it being problems with our internet connection as it worked fine before!

Here are some screenshots of the router settings, hopefully this helps

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Re: Poor Range/ Very Poor Speeds (Brand new)

Bump .. anyone ?!
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Re: Poor Range/ Very Poor Speeds (Brand new)

It says on the page to update the firmware. Try updating the firmware.
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