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qos does not work


qos does not work

my qos does not work could you help me?
configuer after having served the qos is I notice no change


here is the screenshot of my capture interface







when there is a pc that navige on intern I resent immediatly with the lag in my party games

the model is netgear n300 wireless dual adsl + 2 model dgnd3300v2
My flow is 500Kb / s

ersion Firmware:V2.1.00.54_1.00.54


tanhs you for helps

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Re: qos does not work

Several thoughts on this and I doubt you're gonna like them.


1) QOS is not magic, it cannot give you more bandwidth or speed, infact it can actually slow down a network like yours 500Kb is not much to work with.

2) it should act as a traffic cop and give priority to certain apps, many who have High Speed Internet find QOS just doesn't work as expected. Most are trying to get away with not subcribing to a higher tier and or don't understand how much bandwidth is required to support all the devices at peak times.

3) if every device has highest priority it defeats the purpose, 

4) If no other device is using bandwidth while gaming QOS does nothing. 

4) you might close some programs especailly since your suffering from lack of bandwidth



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Re: qos does not work

and therefore there no other solution to manage prioriter and not have lag in party games?Man Sad

tanks you

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Re: qos does not work

I would try using the port priority only or enter MAC address of your gaming PC. Assuming you play games on one machine only and close all other programs on that machine.


Lastly the best you can expect is or should be same as going direct to you modem without using router. If this has lag too, then you're SOL.

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