Re: D7000v2 - Guest Wifi (New hotel installation)


D7000v2 - Guest Wifi (New hotel installation)



I currently have a VSDL connection into the D7000v2. The D7000v2 is also connected to a Netgear PoE switch.


What I would like to acheive is a Staff (private) SSID and a Guest SSID that will work with 3 access points.    I would like the guest network to be isolated, keeping the Staff wireless secure.


What I think I need is something like this:

Staff 192.168.0.X

Guest 192.168.2.X  (or something like that which is isolated)


The 3 access points I have are PoE connected into my Netgear PoE switch. Currently when a user connects to the access point as a guest they will get a 192.168.0.X IP address 


Can anybody help please?  I am a bit of a noob 

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Re: D7000v2 - Guest Wifi (New hotel installation)

the other option I have is to enable SSID isolation just on the access points themselves. But I would rather manage it all from the netgear router if I can

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