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Netgear-brand SFP+ Bi-directional Transceivers?


Netgear-brand SFP+ Bi-directional Transceivers?

I have just finished integrating a small/building-scale multimode (OM3) fiber backbone using Netgear 4300-series switches. I am using Netgear AXM761 duplex/multimode SFP+ transceivers.


I have also experimented (successfully) with "bidirectional-over-multimode" (simplex) using "off-brand" SFP+ transceivers. Seems to deliver viable 10G performance at my distances/scales.


Does Netgear make bi-directional SFP+ transceivers? Looking for something resembling the 10Gtek 1270nm/1330nm/40km parts I have been using in my experiments (readily available at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01LPHIK6C/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1).


I have searched the web without success. Netgear part numbers would be ideal... assuming anything like this exists. Feel free to reply here (I am new to the forums, don't know if there is a "private message" capability).



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Re: Netgear-brand SFP+ Bi-directional Transceivers?

To my knowledge, Netgear does neither support or has any Bi-di support in place, nor does Netgear offer Bi-di modules. The M4300 seems to be an exception, no other switch models are workable on Bi-Di modules (despite that it was asked several time before).


@LaurentMa we need more insight and support here.

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Re: Netgear-brand SFP+ Bi-directional Transceivers?

Hi Team,

Correct NETGEAR doesn't have simplex (Bi-Directional) modules. I can confirm that the Fully Managed Switches (www.netgear.com/managed) can support 1G BiDi modules (SFP ports on 1G models; SFP+ ports on 10G models) and 10G BiDi modules (SFP+ ports only).

Of course, third-party modules must be MSA standard and properly advertising their capabilities to the switches. We at NETGEAR cannot really provide support when technical issues are determined to be caused by third-party modules. But again, on Fully Managed switches we have experience, and many customers successfully use BiDi modules in production on M4250, M4300, and M4500 series.

For any questions or advice, please don't hesitate to send us an email at ProAVDesign@netgear.com


Laurent Masia
NETGEAR Senior Product Line Manager, Managed Switches
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Re: Netgear-brand SFP+ Bi-directional Transceivers?

I can confirm @LaurentMa 's experience: While Netgear doesn't offer BiDi modules, third-party ones usually ain't a problem. I've used both SFP and SFP+ BiDi modules from FlexOptix and FS with M4100 (SFP) and M4300 (SFP/SFP+).

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