Insight 5.11 Delivers Worry-Free High-Density Wireless Network Management and More



Almost four years ago, we launched NETGEAR Insight Management. Since then, we've continuously improved Insight to be what it is today: a comprehensive tool that a growing number of IT Managers and MSPs trust to remotely cloud-manage their networks, from access points to switches, routers, WiFi Systems, and more. Insight 5.11 brings new and refined features for high-density WiFi management right to you with the tap of your finger or a few clicks of your mouse.


WiFi Roaming Improvements
With new features and functionality added in 5.11, devices roam more seamlessly from access point to access point within the same network, creating an interruption-free WiFi experience. Insight 5.11 empowers IT managers to discover and eliminate WiFi coverage weak points by looking through a device's roaming history within the same network. Perfect for device-heavy environments such as schools, and hotels.


Enhanced WiFi Security
Insight 5.11 further enhances your business' security by providing you with even more control over your network with SSID-level client isolation. Keep your business data secure by creating a separate SSID for guests, employees, or even departments within your business. Perfect for isolating devices that handle sensitive devices such as company financials.


And more!

We are always working to improve Insight to provide you with the ultimate remote network management solution. In this release, we've also added simplified onboarding for Orbi Pro as well as monthly billing options in North America to make adding new devices to your network even easier! Learn more by visiting the Insight 5.11 Release Blog article, also visit the Insight Support and Insight information page. Read on for detailed release notes.large-NETGEAR Insight_WAX610_WAX610Y_Diagram_Final_20201026_Approved.jpg


Insight 5.11 detailed release notes:

Load Balancing for Wireless

With Insight 5.11, users can set thresholds on APs based on client signal strength threshold and/or number of client devices. The APs will balance themselves based on the set policy that the user set.


Full support for 802.11 K/V/R

Insight 5.11 is compliant with the wireless standard 802.11 K/V/R. These standards allow clients to roam more seamlessly from one access point to another within the same network. This improves the WiFi experience for client devices with better speeds and no break in coverage as they move through their work environment.


Client Roaming History / Report

Insight 5.11 can improve the performance of wireless network connections even in high-density WiFi (larger AP deployments). It allows IT managers to have a better view of client device roaming in their WiFi deployments and helps them to close employee tickets related to poor employee connection. IT managers can go back and look through client roaming history to determine where and what caused the poor connection to adjust APs positions and settings to improve their employees’ signal.


SNMP (read only) for AP

Now IT managers can dive deeper into access point logs with additional SNMP support. Multicast-to-Unicast (enable, disable) When enabled, unicast messages can be multicast for wider distribution.


SSID-level Client Isolation

This feature in Insight 5.11 allows IT managers and MSPs to create multiple isolated wireless networks for added data privacy and security. With SSID-level client isolation, there is no flow of traffic for one wireless network to another and inter-AP communication is blocked, isolating the client for 1 whole AP. For example, if a restaurant owner doesn’t want customers to gain access to their printer or TV, client isolation can be set up to give each device a separate SSID.


Advanced Rate Selection

This feature ensures the best performance for WiFi users even in environments with high access point density.


Other Insight 5.11 Features:

Monthly Usage Billing on Insight Pro (USA and Canada only)

With monthly usage billing in Insight 5.11, users can simply add devices to their Insight Pro account and scale their network, without having to first purchase Insight subscription credits. Users are only charged for what they use each month and can even receive volume discounts based on the number of devices they have in their network the past month. With this new feature in the Insight 5.11 release for Insight Pro, we eliminate the hassle and improves the efficiency of subscription management.


Enhanced Management Support for Orbi Pro

Insight 5.11 offers enhanced management support for Orbi Pro including:

  • Simplified onboarding: removes network setup screens to allow Orbi Pro users to simply set up their Orbi Pro easily with a separate onboarding flow for Orbi Pro, simplified show a screen with Orbi Pro, immediately recognize and allow them to set it up Full SSID management for all 4 SSIDs
  • WiFi client isolation: associate those SSIDS with different VLANs to create a different environment for each
  • Radio selection (2.4 and 5 GHz)
  • Firmware management for Orbi Pro satellites


Let us know what you think of this Insight update in the comments below.SMB_PRODUCT_INSIGHT5.11_2020-11-4_BLOG.jpg


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