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spc: my time: vpn


spc: my time: vpn

my kids are turning off vpn to disable my time. i do not see a way to restrict vpn config settings on ios 15.1. ideas?
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Re: spc: my time: vpn

the hardest part of kids is when they start shutting off the services you're using to protect them, monitor them, restrict times. 

You'll constantly be in a battle with them to stay ahead of what they're capable of doing and what you're capable of doing. 

Between what they're capable of and what resources they have available to get around restrictions, its going to be a loosing battle.


Or you can have a frank conversation with them of why you're doing this and the consequences of the actions. 

Disable the time monitor? loose xbox/gaming/etc. 

Disable a vpn/security, loose access entirely. 

At a certain point, they know what they're doing and there should be consequences. 


You could always setup the guest account that they have access to (disable access to yours) and when they've hit their time limit, shut off the guest account. 

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