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EX2700 - Setup Genie Gets Stuck


EX2700 - Setup Genie Gets Stuck

I had to replace my Comcast Router and am trying to reconfigure my extender. I did the reset before starting the process.

I get almost all the way through the Genie process, but when it gets to the screen to name the network, it won't continue past there. Tried on 4 different devices, gets stuck there every time.

It is maddening.

Anyone know how to force it past this point?


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Re: EX2700 - Setup Genie Gets Stuck

In the process of configuring the extender it’s quite possible that your computer will change its WiFi connection from the Extender and back to the Base Station. You can go to your WiFi configuration program (usually via the icon in the Task Bar) and instruct it to ‘Forget’ the base station WiFi connection, then it will not automatically switch from Extender to Base Station, you can reconnect to the Base Station later if you wish, you will just need to re-enter the passphrase.
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