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NIghthawk app does not work with CAX30


NIghthawk app does not work with CAX30

The nighthawk app has never worked for me once when trying to connect locally, this app is totally worthless. Half the time you get stuck at a login page that goes nowhere, i was finally able to get in but only using "connect anywhere" but never locally. I also have a Netgear Ext which you cannot login to NIghthawk app with. Having multiple devices has made that nightmare app even worse. I've deleted app, reinstalled, cleared the cache, you name it, I've done it. All Netgear says "it's not the app" ... Umm yeah it is, your app sucks balls, it does nothing, the most it's good for is just seeing what's conneted on ONLY one device, and a speed test, and that's it. Using it to install your euipment is one of the worst experiences ive ever had, CONSTANTLY fails, locks up, even using the web browser. I'm $400 deep in equipment, i can't get more than 350 Mbps on Gb internet, when the previous one was doing 600 wireless and 990 wired. I thougth i was getting state of the art technology and told the cable company to go pound salt and now im stuck with $400 worth of underachieving garbage when all i wanted was a stable internet for my wife as she works frome home. Talk about your epic fails, Thanks Netgear for not responding except for the message "you've got 1 day of support left" for a product I bought YESTERDAY. Can't even list the right product on your support forum because its not even an OPTION. Coincidence? My guess is because you know its trash. 

Model: RAX80|Nighthawk AX8 8-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: NIghthawk app does not work with CAX30

Has A reset been performed?  Try to reset the CAX and setup from scratch using a wired PC and web browser. Once the CAX is setup, then use the NH app and log in...

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