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NO Email for confirmation recieved


NO Email for confirmation recieved

I am not recieving an email for email confirmation on Genie Remote access. Netgenie app works fine otherwise.

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Re: NO Email for confirmation recieved



I had the same problem - tried to login in to my "NETGEAR account" in the Android Genie app using my existing "MyNETGEAR" details, and it said it had sent an email to verify my email address.  Nothing arrived in my Inbox, checked the Spam folder but nothing there either.

And then I registered here in the NETGEAR Community, again using the existing MyNETGEAR details.  That also said it was sending an email to verify my address, but this one *did* arrive.  Clicked the link, and not only can I post to the forums but the Genie app now logs in successfully as well...

Not sure how much help that is to you, though, as if you're posting here about it presumably you've already had to verify your email address when you signed up?  Don't know if there's any other way to prompt it to verify again - change your registered address in MyNETGEAR then change it back, maybe?


But having it got it working in Genie, I'm not sure why I bothered anyway.  The only things not working in the app after skipping the login were the Remote Management and the Product Registration.  Frankly, I have no need for remote management - if I'm not at home then I'm not using the router anyway.  And while I'd expected the Product Registration option to let me view the details of all my registered netgear hardware, like in MyNETGEAR, when I selected it I just got a message saying "product already registered" (presumably the router) and the option has disappeared.  So it now makes no difference whether I'm logged in or not...





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