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Setting a new NEK key on all devices the same time using Netgear Genie V2.2.27.1 application did not work.

The response is "device password is incorrect". I want to change the default NEK key which is applicable for public network to private.

I few times rechecked the written passwords on labels for all devices XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX finding everything I  entered was without errors.

How to proceed ?


Model: XAVB1601v2|Powerline 200 Nano PassThru
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Re: XAV1601v2

You have posted your message in the section of this community given over to Apps and Services. (This is easily done, given Netgear's impenetrable community structure.)


There are no apps for powerline kit, only an ancient windows utility. (Third party software works.)

You might get more help, and find earlier questions and answers about your hardware, in the appropriate section for your device. That's probably here:

Powerline Networking - NETGEAR Communities

If you visit the support pages:

Support | NETGEAR

you can feed in your model number and find the documentation for your hardware.

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