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netgear genie

hi members I have a problem .I have upgraded my router from dgnd 3200 to dgnd 3700 the problem is my bt 4500 wireless answer phone when plug in cut of the wireless signal to the internet how can I fix it. Wouldc it be any think to do with netgear genie.cock2robikn

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Re: netgear genie

Where are you plugging in the phone?

It should be nowhere near the router.

Is your broadband filter knackered? (That's the thing that goes in the wall and separates the phone from the broadband.) The router may have come with a new one.

If this is a DECT phone, to avoid interference don't put it too close to the router.
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Re: netgear genie

Hi the router is upstairs phone down stairs it make now difference when i plug in phone the internet light turns red. I have replaced splitter with new one that why i thought it must be something to do with netgear genie.cock2robin
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Re: netgear genie

Your arrangement is similar to mine. Remember, you need an ADSL filter on every phone socket. That means one where the modem/router plugs in and one where the phone plugs in.

What happens when you plug in a different phone? If you have one. If you don't have another phone, buy one. Why? Because when there is a power cut your wireless phone will be useless. It is essential to have a wired phone available for such circumstances. They cost less than £5 in the UK.

We recently had phone issues, the BT technician tested our old wired phone and said it was knackered. We replaced it.

It is hard to see how the Netgear Genie can cause this issue. It has not control over the telephone line.
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