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Model: XR500|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: #DumaOSBeta3.0

You're in the beta forum already, you can download it from this forum.
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Re: #DumaOSBeta3.0

What about the beta for the xr450 because there doesn't appear to be a firmware download for it yet
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Re: #DumaOSBeta3.0

We will provide a firmware for the XR450 soon.
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Re: #DumaOSBeta3.0

Nice thank you i cant wait to use it and test it out.

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Re: #DumaOSBeta3.0

Fraser, Are you stating that this beta firmware is now to the public if they have access to the forum? If not, Then I am eager to get on the list to test out, however, I am currently on the XR450. Is there any current beta firmwares on the XR450 that I can use? 


Also, I asked you on the netduma forums about requesting the devs to add Sleep-wake functionality to the XR450/500. If I remember correctly, you stated that it was an easy add in. Was that function able to make it into the beta? 


Thank you guys for all the help and keeping things rolling!

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Re: #DumaOSBeta3.0

Yes it is an Open Beta and there is no 450 firmware currently but it will be added soon. No we have not added that at the moment.
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