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Need Advice


Need Advice

Hello, I live in an area of London that has terrible wifi at least speeds of 1mb/ps for download (if lucky), and at least 0.50mb/ps for upload. Will a nighthawk router or any other router improve my download/ upload speed drastically, and if it does how much does it improve speeds by? The other part to this question is will it be compatible with what i have. At the moment i have a BT Whole home disc and it's absolutely shocking some days its brilliant others its not as good... anyway would what i have work in any way. I hope that you guys can help me as we are in dire needs and literally anything is better than what i have right now. What i'm asking for is advice will this at all improve my situation? thank you for when any of you reply  

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Re: Need Advice

Hi SirPenguin, no router can improve your speeds, the speed you get is down to your ISP. The only reason a new router would improve the situation is if your current one was somehow configured incorrectly or was faulty which is the reason you get those speeds.

What speeds do you pay for from BT?

It would be compatible with your home network yes.
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