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Unable to connect to


Unable to connect to

The way I have my roughter set up is my main desktop is wired directly from router to lan. Everything else, TV, laptops, phones, gaming consoles are connected via Wi-Fi.


In the Advance setting I made it to where any additional devices connects via WiFi it is automatically block and I have to log into the rought and allow access to that device directly. No big deal, Ive done it plenty of times especially when I've upgraded phones.


However I ran into a problem where when I entered the connection would time out and I could not connect. I had to added my wife's new work laptop to the network but I could not login into my router my my pain PC. I tried connecting via my phones browser but nothing. I also tried connecting through my Macbook Pro but I would get a Timed Out error. I search online for possible solutions. One board suggest I tried to ping the IP, so I opened up the CMD prompt and it just retuned "Request Timed Out" 4 packets sent, 0 received, 4 lost.


I continued for the next half hour trying to find a solution until I found an alternet method of logging in. Instead of using the IP address I went to www.routerlogin.net from my Macbook. Fortunately that DID allow me access to the router login page. I entered user name and password and presto. I have n ow added my wife's laptop to the network and everything kool.


What can possible be the problem to where I cant login though my main PC? Has anyone else encountered this problem? Any insight would be greatly appriciated

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Re: Unable to connect to

Sounds like you have a different router to the XR series so would recommend posting in the Nighthawk section: https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-WiFi-Routers/bd-p/home-wifi-routers-nighthawk
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