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Re: XR500 is it suitable for my needs?


XR500 is it suitable for my needs?

Hi Everyone, Excuse my lack of knowledge but I am looking for a Router to do the following and I "think" the XR500 would be suitable for my requirements. 1) Throttle Bandwidth per device. So for e.g. Mobile phones I want to set a maximum upload/download 2) Set schedules when the device can use the Internet 3) I want to log all IP addresses / websites being accessed in real time or close too accessible with history. My kids are getting at an age I want to see what they are doing. Thank you for your time Regards Bran
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Re: XR500 is it suitable for my needs?



The XR500 will do all those features you mention. I am a foster carer and it is critical that I have parental controle features in place. You can block sites by keywords or domain addresses also. 

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Re: XR500 is it suitable for my needs?

Logging is not working properly at the moment. Also web site blocking doesn't work on HTTPS sites. I don't think you can set schedules for device access to internet.

Model: XR500| Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: XR500 is it suitable for my needs?

1. Yes
2. Not specific device scheduling but can disable Internet completely at specified times or just simply block the devices manually.
3. Not aware of the logging not working but it should do that.
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