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Xr500 Xbox Nat type

New owner and first time poster here, i have just gotten my hands on the Xr500 and am having a terrible time getting my Xbox one X out of strict nat type. First i had strict double nat but was able to put my Bell home hub 3000 into dmz and add the xr500 to clear that, but am still stuck with strict nat type. I have put the geo filter into spectate mode and still gives strict, i have the UPnP enabled and no ports on the portforward and still am showing strct nat type from xbox know matter how many times i test and shut down... any help would be appreciated. 

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Re: Xr500 Xbox Nat type

I just manually portforwarded port 3074 for the Xbox and now it’s open... oh well
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Re: Xr500 Xbox Nat type



You should have disabled upnp on your bell router and left upnp enabled on the XR500. Port forwarding is just as effective but make sure upnp is disabled on the XR500.  It is 6am UK time here so nobody from Netduma will be online yet to help you with your quiery/issue and netgear are not known for their tech support!!! Please head on over to to get a quicker response and meet the netduma user community!

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