MR60 constantly pinging ??


MR60 constantly pinging ??

I recently got the MR60/MS60 combo and after 2 days switched back to my old router, and set these in AP only mode, as the router has a very simple (poor) feature set.


But that said, I noticed in my DNS logs the MR60 run 30-35,000 hits a day on, and that alone really makes me wonder what it's doing and why, and I'm on the fence about just returning the entire system now. I don't need this level of spam traffic from a wireless ap.

81,000 hits in about 48 hours.


2021-03-17 08:25:07Awww.netgear.com192.168.1.75OK (cached)IP (0.8ms) 
2021-03-17 08:25:06Awww.netgear.com192.168.1.75OK (cached)IP (0.8ms) 
2021-03-17 08:25:05Awww.netgear.com192.168.1.75OK (cached)IP (1.6ms) 
2021-03-17 08:25:04Awww.netgear.com192.168.1.75OK (cached)IP (0.8ms) 
2021-03-17 08:25:03Awww.netgear.com192.168.1.75OK (cached)IP (0.8ms) 
2021-03-17 08:25:02Awww.netgear.com192.168.1.75OK (cached)IP (0.8ms) 
2021-03-17 08:25:01Awww.netgear.com192.168.1.75OK (cached)IP (0.8ms) 
2021-03-17 08:25:00Awww.netgear.com192.168.1.75OK (cached)IP (0.6ms) 
2021-03-17 08:24:59Awww.netgear.com192.168.1.75OK (cached)IP (0.8ms) 
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Re: MR60 constantly pinging ??

Hello Mini4x,


Our engineering team is aware of this and it should be addressed on the next firmware version. We currently do not have an ETA on the next firmware release.



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Re: MR60 constantly pinging ??

I wa sdoing some further digging and I found our it's actually thr sattelite (MS60) not the router (MR60).


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Re: MR60 constantly pinging ??

Under ideal conditions, WiFi 5 can get over 1 gbps. Chances are that your ISP connectionIt's less than that.


Unless you have a local file server or NAS, it is unlikely that you will notice the increase in throughput. If you have a large number of WiFi 6 client devices, you'll definitely notice the difference.


There's a good chance that you won't notice much improvement at home. At home, it is mostly just about future-proofing. The next time you're at a tech conference and thousands are trying to use WiFi at the same time, you should notice a very big difference.


If you are thinking of buying a mesh router and can't use an ethernet backhaul, wait for a WiFi 6e mesh router later this year that uses the new 6 GHz band as a backhaul.

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Re: MR60 constantly pinging ??

I think you replied to teh wrong thread here Smiley Happy


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Re: MR60 constantly pinging ??

Months later and no responses, and still hammer away on my internet connections.

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Re: MR60 constantly pinging ??

It definitely shouldn't ping that often, though they do use the ping to keep the WAN (internet) status accurate. e.g., if it says good, then that means it was able to ping an external address. If the satellite device has an internet status display, then it will likely also try to ping an external server to check if has a working internet connection and not simply just a WAN IP address.


Hopefully in your case, someone will be able to give a status update on if they adjusted how often it pings.


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Re: MR60 constantly pinging ??

No joke every second aporx 85,000x a day. Its Insane.


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Re: MR60 constantly pinging ??

I have a MR60 router and a MS60 satellite. 

Three months ago Netgear replaced my MS60 at no cost. The issue; Three pings from MS60 to "" each second. 

Now, with the new MS60 I have the same issue. And now the Tech Support claims that the pings are a "feature". 

Who are they trying to fool?! As if a mesh system "requires" constant external pinging to function? I think not. 


The MR60-system in my home is to be replaced, and I'm not likely to buy a new Netgear product, thats for sure. 


"Hello Mr xxxxx

i recived feeedback from egineers regarding your case.
This ping is a way to spot any disconnections and is not a bug or an issue it is a part of system software.
Thank you"



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Re: MR60 constantly pinging ??

I wonder if they are misunderstanding the issue and looking at the purpose of the pings but completely missing the nuance in how often it pings.

If it is really pinging so often, then while it will mean on one hand that the response time is extremely fast to any internet connectivity issues, there needs to be an evaluation as to how fast the response time should be to when a WAN issue happens and when it actually detects the issue.

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Re: MR60 constantly pinging ??

It's also hitting NTP request every second as well. And some netgear location service.


Will definitely be repalcing this with something else, and never touching another netgear product as well.

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