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NightHawk RAX 200 and VPN

I am currently running ProtonVPN on my desktop computer in my home.  I would like to install ProtonVPN on my RAX 200 Nighthawk router so that all the devices in my home are protected by the VPN.  When I go to the VPN set up it does not let me enter my ProtonVPN credentials.   Is it possible to use ProtonVPN set up in the RAX 200?  If so, is there an install guide I can be directed to?      Thanks very much!!

Model: RAX200|Nighthawk Tri-band AX12 12-Stream Wi-Fi 6 Router
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Re: NightHawk RAX 200 and VPN

> [...] I would like to install ProtonVPN on my RAX 200 Nighthawk router
> [...]


   To me, that sounds like a good question for the ProtonVPN vendor.  I
know nothing, but my quick Web search found:


   There, I see:


      How to setup ProtonVPN on DD-WRT routers


   Are you running DD-WRT on your RAX200?

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Re: NightHawk RAX 200 and VPN

Thanks for the reply!  Unfortunately I have learned the NightHawk RAX200 does not support DD-WRT.  Here is one opinion I found......


I could not locate DD-wrt / Tomato /open WRT ready made image. Netgear have released GPL source code (900MB file).  which you can build openwrt from.

From what I have experienced with top of the range expensive routers do not seem to get support from the Opensource developers, the response has been,not enough demand and too time consuming etc. I have ended up paying a developer in India to help me with my R9000. 

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Re: NightHawk RAX 200 and VPN

Netgear does not support any third party VPNs other than Pure VPN. PureVPN is kinda bad (slow/inconsistent) and their no logging claim is a bit shady.

If you want third party VPN support either complain to them or vote for my suggestion in the suggestions forum to allow third party Open VPN profiles from other companies like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, ProtonVPN etc...
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Re: NightHawk RAX 200 and VPN

On newer Broadcom routers including the RAX80 & RAX200 (RAX200 is an RAX80 with one more 5Ghz band) don’t expect proper OpenWRT or Tomato support. DD-WRT may or may not have proper depending on their dealing with Broadcom for firmware source.

If you want both good DD-WRT & OpenWRT support, you will need a Qualcomm chipset based router like the RAX120, R7800 etc. They also usually have better chipsets than their Broadcom counterparts.
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Re: NightHawk RAX 200 and VPN

Trying to upgrade from an Asus RT-AC3100... which running Merlin has performed flawlessly but trying to get ready for the next generation of wi-fi (6)....

Purchased Asus's GT-AX11000 and was suprised to find their mobile app doesn't support it, and WAN aggregation was not working.  I went through 2 devices in getting the third Asus 3100 that functioned completely so I just upped the anny and bought this Netgear figuring for the price maybe they had gotten things right...... feeling stupid to say the least.  WAN aggregation works, but damn, not much better distance/signal ratio than my old Asus 3100, def not any better than the GT11000 that wasn't even functioning completetly and my Intel 9260 160mghz notebook barely pulls 100+mbps off my Xfinity gigabit service anywhere in the house!!!  I was getting 600mbps wirelessly off the 3100...??!!!!  WTF?!!!

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