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Cannot disable "Steering debug enable" on debug.htm page (mk63/mr60/ms60)?


Cannot disable "Steering debug enable" on debug.htm page (mk63/mr60/ms60)?

I'm trying to limit anything that might be causing issues on my router, like debug information if not being actively watched.  I saw a post that many Netgear routers have a hidden "debug.htm" page, and I've been poking it a bit.


I have no idea what "Steering debug enable" does, but it's stuck turned on.  Other entries keep what setting I choose, automatically refreshing the page after any change (no need to apply or save).  But that steering setting seems to revert to enabled when I try to change it.


I turned on the debugger briefly, and downloaded the output.  Just to see what it did.  There was a lot there and I didn't know what to focus on (where the kernel dmesg output might be for instance).  If anyone has a website with general debug.htm usage info I'd be curious too.


But the main point here was to ask if this setting oddity is a bug or just me not understanding what that does.


I have the latest firmware installed ( and have done a factory reset since installing it (not super recently).  The only other setting in there turned on is the "respond to ipv6 pings" feature that fixes expected behaviors for IPv6.  I'd run a few ipv6 test pages, and that'd solved some of their failures.

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