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MR60 VPN Linux


MR60 VPN Linux

I have successfully accessed the MR60 VPN from a Mint Linux script.  Since the manual does not specify how to do this I thought I might offer some instructions:


1.  Enable the MR60 vpn using the instructions in the MR60 manual.

2.  When you get to the point where you are instructed to download files chose the files for  "Smart phone".  

3.  Place the downloaded files in a directory on your client machine.   (/var/vpn/config, say.)

4.  Switch to the directory with the files: cd /var/vpn/config

5.  You may want to edit the client3.ovpn file to change "verb 5" to "verb 1".  If you don't you will see a string of r's and w's logged.  This command controls the level of logging.

6.  Actually connect: sudo openvpn --config client3.ovpn


At this point you should be able to see devices on the other side of the vpn. (ping, ssh, etc.)  To disconnect you can use "sudo killall openvpn"

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