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Re: ms63 mesh system


ms63 mesh system

For the second time, lightning strikes hsve zapped router and satellite. Is there any way to protect these units?. Note: modem was not damaged in these attacks..

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Re: ms63 mesh system

A decent quality surge protector or backup power supply? 

I've lost an expensive router to a storm and after that, all of the expensive devices, have a backup ups/surge protector. 

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Re: ms63 mesh system

If you own a house I would strongly recommend to include the surge protection directly in the main electric terminal (talk to your electrician). If not using surge protected power outlet dristributors as pointed out by @plemans would be the way to go.
Where I live it is mandatory to have surge protectors in the main electric terminal. This was nice lobbying by the grid providers because it stabilizes the grid if each house has it.
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