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Does the RAXE500 support protected management Frames


Does the RAXE500 support protected management Frames

Does the RAXE500 support protected management Frames. If its following Wi-Fi certification with WPA2/WPA3 its meant to have it, the RAX120 has PMF, yet I find no mention of it in the RAXE500?  Protected Management Frames (PMF) is a standard defined by WiFi Alliance to enhance WiFi connection safety. It provides unicast and multicast management actions and frames a secure method with WPA2/WPA3, which can improve packet privacy protection. unless of course Netgear are being cheap on their most expensive router also there is no CPU usage as there was in the RAX120 or memory usage, and that main page is not smooth to scroll but a bit jittery comapred to the RAX120. Its a shame my V1 RAX120 is so old and showing it (no reboots though) and tghose routers used a capacitor on the power supply I noticed thats no longer on the board for the RAX500 which is a good thing, the RAXE500 does not have such good Wi-Fi coverage as the RAX120 but that's bearable the 120 was exceptional at that but it was 8X8 on 5Ghz not 4x4, also does the RAXE500 support TWT and BSS Colouring as its not a draft router? Can anyone shed light on this? It should do, but Netgear seam to have stopped certifying their routers properly with the Wi-Fi alliance unlike Asus.

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Re: Does the RAXE500 support protected management Frames

@Killhippie, based on a conversation with NETGEAR technical support earlier this year, the RAXE500 does not currently support Basic Service Set (BSS) Coloring and Target Wake Time (TWT). While the router does not currently have Wi-Fi Certified 6 status, NETGEAR stated that it has been submitted for certification and the process is underway.

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