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Re: How to determine the fan status on RAX120


How to determine the fan status on RAX120



I have been getting some full failure type issues with my router recently, like reboots don't help but a full factory reset sorta did.

Mainly, I noticed that at no point have I seen the fan run at all. I fell confident that it had when I first got it back in July but now, nothing.


I have no Idea how to tell if it is broken or just not warm enough to run. I found the settings page so that I could try forcing it to run at any speed but the page gives me a "400 Bad Request" when I hit 'apply'.


If anyone has some guidance on this, I'd really appreciate it. Like, is it normal for the fan to be off at all? is there a way to set the speed?

Model: RAX120|Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: How to determine the fan status on RAX120

I am having the same issue. My router gets hot and then shuts down. The fan doesn’t seem to be running. How do I tell if it’s defective?
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Re: How to determine the fan status on RAX120

Hello chuck4100 & Fricke_Iowa, 


If your router is getting warm and causes the router to shutdown, I would recommend getting in contact with our Support Team for further assistance. 




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