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RAX20 Port Forward not working Minecraft


RAX20 Port Forward not working Minecraft

Trying to port Forward for minecraft (25565)

Have port forward in the past with other routers but doesn't seem it works with this router.


Firmware V1.0.11.112_2.0.77

Product: Nighthawk RAX20  


Attempted to port forward on My raspberry pi and windows pc double checking the internal ips. Could connect locally but friends could never connect, nothing in logs shown about port forward and port forward tester always return closed status.

Attempted with other games other then minecraft and tried bigger ranges.

Also tried DMZ mode but also with no luck.

Also tried activated UPnP and doing it this way. No luck.

Not sure if there any other configuration that I need to do.




I am not sure exactly what Ip I should be giving my friends?

Because the router is different from what I google my ip.



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Re: RAX20 Port Forward not working Minecraft

Not a Netgear router issue.


Much more, your ISP does assign CGNET (Carrier Grade Network addresses), i.e. IP addresses from to to overcome issues if the IPv4 address shortage. This is standardized in the RFC 6598 for what it's worth. more insight available on Wikipedia: Carrier-grade NAT 


Talk to your ISP to assign a public routable IPv4 address to your Internet connection instead. 

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