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RAX20 (V1.0.4.100_2.0.64) - another problem :(


RAX20 (V1.0.4.100_2.0.64) - another problem :(

RAX20 (V1.0.4.100_2.0.64) EU - Router set to AP mode.

The event log is working incorrectly !!! 😞


- First, I have the logging of all possible events that the router interface offers. In the event log, there are only new lines informing about logging on the admin 😞  , it looks like this for me:

- Start of the event log - four lines: 

[Internet disconnected] <time and date>

[Initialized, firmware version: V1.0.4.100_2.0.64] <time and date>

[Internet connected] IP address: <IP>, <time and date>

[Time synchronized with NTP server] <time and date>                    

- Later only info about logging on the admin:

[admin login] from source <IP>, <time and date>

[admin login] from source <IP>, <time and date>

[admin login] from source <IP>, <time and date>



Setting: Include in Log > Wireless access - thanks to this setting there should be (if I think correctly) information about devices using AP in wireless mode, unfortunately nothing like this appears in the logs 😞

Can anyone with RAX20 (V1.0.4.100_2.0.64), write what the event logging looks like?


- The second more important problem is that when we REBOOT our router (using the "REBOOT" button in ADVANCED Home / Router Information in the router's web-based interface), our router's event log will be cleared !!! 😞

Reboot from Nighthawk App ... same efect !!!, additionally, the Traffic Meter(Nighthawk App) loses connection statistics from the time before restarting the router 😞


BTW. On list: Model (Recommended - Helps the community give the best answers) - this form does not contain the model I am writing about, is it possible that dear NETGEAR did not admit to the RAX20 model? LOL 


BTW2. On the Polish NETGEAR website there is no information about the RAX20 model, although it is on sale in Poland 😞


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