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Re: RAX50 Security/Firewall Access (NOT ENABLED)


RAX50 Security/Firewall Access (NOT ENABLED)

Would anyone know if there is any way to access the Security or Firewall settings on the RAX50 Router?

For three reasons why I am asking...

1.Whenever I log into the router, I see that the "Security" is not accessible and says "NOT ENABLED" nor can I click on this item although the HTTPS is setup to access the router, WPA2/WPA3 are setup on the WiFi channels, no other device can access the WiFi unless a MAC address has been entered, and I am able to block some websites.


2. I am getting a lot of DOS Fraggle attacks from all sources on Ports 2190 & 443. I have several devices connected to the router using WiFi and Ethernet. Most of the devices are turned off most of the day or are not connected but I am still seeing a lot of the Fraggle Attacks occurring all day. I have reset, restarted and reconfigured both the modem and the router. I have the CM2000.


3. I read the RAX50 manual, and it says that the firewall is built-in.

Also, I am unable to block some websites like disneyplus.com - It is listed in the "Block sites containing these keywords or domain names:" section but users on the network are still able to access the website and or domain. Other sites (hulu.com) are successfully blocked.


So what gives with this router?

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Re: RAX50 Security/Firewall Access (NOT ENABLED)

Access control is unable to block HTTPS websites, if you want to do that, please use smart parental control.

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