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RAXE500 Smart Connect


RAXE500 Smart Connect

I am running the RAXE500, and I have the three separate networks - one for each frequency range. Many of my devices communicate - both old and new. So, I am looking to get all of them on the same network. I know Smart Connect used to be used to create a single SSID for all 3, then act as though it were Selectable rather than Simultaneous. Is there a way to do that now? Since there should be, how?

Second question: How do I set basic router settings? For example: How do I set the channel for each frequency on the router, or set up port forwarding, or static internal IP’s, etc. I can’t seem to connect directly to the router, and the Nighthawk app does not have such settings.
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Re: RAXE500 Smart Connect


These options are not available in the app, but I was finally able to connect to the router directly via the up as normal. That being said, I would recommend the settings be available via the app as well, even if they are hidden behind an “advanced mode” setting.
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Re: RAXE500 Smart Connect

Hello Crystal_Bearer,


Thanks for updating your post and providing feedback about the app. Please don't hesitate to reach out if we can be of any further assistance.



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Re: RAXE500 Smart Connect

Smart connect for the RAXE500 currently works on just the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands for now. Basically all it does is ensure that both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands have the same SSID, and then based on a wide range of factors (every company that has a similar feature, has their own special way of doing the decision making), it will band steer devices to what will be the optimal band for the speficic device as well as the overall network.


If you have more than one access point, you can still have the other access points use the same SSID as the RAXE500. In such a case when roaming between access points, your WiFi client device will largely be in control over such roaming decisions, while when on an AP that has smart connect, it will be able to then receive band steering related data.


For 6GHz, it is good at least for now to manually use that when you need to since due to current FCC limitations (until they ease up on the restrictions), you will likely need to be in the same room as the AP to benefit from that band.


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